With the aim to promote and recognize the digital media art production, the organization of the Semibreve festival, in collaboration with the engageLab at the University of Minho and the 2012 European Youth Capital, established this year the first edition of the Semibreve Award.
The award is open to national and international submissions focusing on artistic projects based on interactivity, sound and image. The calls are open to single individuals, groups, corporations and public entities.


Submission - Deadline has now ended.


Regulation form.


1st Place - "Entra na minha casa" - Winner Semibreve Award 2012

Ana Carina Figueiredo, Teresa Abreu (Portugal)


2nd Place - "Fofoque-me" - Honorable Mention Semibreve Award 2012

Radames Ajna, Thiago Hersan (Brasil)


3rd Place - "Life of Your Words" - Honorable Mention Semibreve Award 2012

Michal Simonfy (Slovak Republic)




João Martinho Moura - engageLab, Dept. of Information Systems, University of Minho
Pedro Branco - engageLab, Dept. of Information Systems, University of Minho



Adérito Marcos - Universidade Aberta 
Arcangel Constantini - Artist, Mexico 
Arianna Bassoli - frestyl
Carlos Caires - School of Arts | Catholic University of Portugal, Research Center for Science and Technology in Art (CITAR)
Carlos Guedes - Researcher INESC Porto, Multimedia and Telecommunications Unit
Catarina Mota -  Open Materials
Giovanni Innella - Northumbria University
Heitor Alvelos - ID+, Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture / University of Porto
Hey Yeon Nam - Georgia Institute of Technology
Ian Oakley - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute / University of Madeira
Ivan Franco - Milliways
Joelle Bitton - Harvard Graduate School of Design
Karen Gustafson - University of Texas at Austin
Leonel Valbom - ESG-UM
Lígia Afonso - Laboratório de Curadoria, Guimarães CEC 2012
Lígia Teixeira - Choreographer and performer, artistic co-director Milliways
Luis Amaral - Dept. of Information Systems, University of Minho
Né Barros - Balleteatro / Institute of Philosophy, University of Porto
Nuno Correira - Aalto University
Pat Coomey Thornton - Artist, formerly Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
Paulo Almeida - School of Architecture, University of Minho
Pedro Ruiz - curator of Fórum da Maia - Centrarte
Pieter Coussement - PostDoc, Institute of Psychoacoustics and Electronic music of the University of Ghent
Ricardo Lobo - Laboratório de Criação Digital
Rudolfo Quintas - University of Beira Interior
Tal Drori - Ustwo
Teresa Almeida - Culture Lab Newcastle, UK
Teresa Almeida - Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto
Teresa Chambel - Lasige, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Tiago Martins - Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz / Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Valentina Nisi - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute